Firstsun Tea Tree Oil Originating In Australia 10ml Skin Care Herbal Tea Tree Oil Extract Acne Therapy Serum

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Brand Name: FIRSTSUN

Model Number: KX806

Supply Type: OBM (Original Brand Manufacturing)

Type: Compound Essential Oil

Certification: GMP, MSDS, sgs, fda

Feature: Acne Treatment, Black Head Remover, Blemish Clearing, moisturizer, Nourishing, Pigmentation Correctors, pore cleaner, Anti-inflammatory 

Volume: 10ml/

Customized Grade: Top Grade

Packing: Safe Packging

Shelf life: 3 Years

Skin type: General

Part Used: Face and body

Product Description
Product Name
 Tea Tree Oil
Net content
Reduce inflammation, remove acne, fade-out acne scars.
Extract the essence of plants, the texture is mild and delicate, easy to absorb.
Fragrant fragrance, it is a pleasant mood.
1.Gently massage 2-3 drops into face and/or body.
2.Use morning and night or as required.
3.Use alone or in conjunction with your regular moisturising products.
4.Do not apply to broken skin.
Contains Lavender/ rose/ teatree /extract, let skin to absorb moisture and nutrition, conditioning skin, delicate skin tight, maintain skin moisture balance, improve skin roughness caused by lack of moisture dryness, improve skin hydration, restores skin elasticity, leaving skin rosy glow glossy, supple meticulous charming glory.
Multiple use
(1) Face Care
1-3 drops into the foam cleanser, water, lotion, cream, facial mask to use

(2) Hair Care
5 drops into the water to wash your hair, or drop into the shampoo and conditioner to used in or directly to
massage the scalp

(3) Body Care
Bubble bath, or add to the foot bath water, or add body lotion to massage body

(4) Environmental Care
It can be as perfume spray in the environment, make the air fragrant.
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